About Us

Established in 1942, Ewart-Ohlson specializes in Precision CNC Machining of medium to large size parts for the aerospace, energy, steel, and automotive industries.

Ewart-Ohlson has received certification as a registered AS9100 and ISO9001 supplier. This means that our quality system has been reviewed by an accredited outside auditing team and as been found to meet the rigorous requirements of these standards. ISO9001 is widely recognized as the quality standard for a variety of industries as well as AS9100, which includes certain provisions in addition to ISO9001 and is the version recognized by the aerospace industry.

What We Do

Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company specializes in precision CNC machining of medium to large size parts in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, inconel, and other alloys. We have 60 years of experience serving the aerospace, energy, steel, and automotive industries. Our equipment includes five CNC lathes that can swing parts up to 98.5” x 256” in length, seven horizontal boring mills with machining envelopes up to 150” x 98” x 84,” and three deep hole drilling machines that can drill up to a 11" diameter hole 132” deep. (See Capabilities and Equipment List).

Ewart-Ohlson also has complete CAD/CAM programming capabilities, including CATIA software, the aerospace industry standard. This allows us to exploit fully the capabilities of our CNC equipment in order to produce the complex geometries inherent in modern aerospace design. We have also been called on to work with our customers during the forging design phase to assist in optimizing manufacturability while minimizing stock removal.

In addition, Ewart-Ohlson has a temperature-controlled inspection room with a full set of precision measuring gages and a co-ordinate measuring machine with a 60” x 48” x 36” inspection envelope. Our quality system is certified to AS9100 and ISO9001 to ensure that parts meet all customer requirements at the time of shipment.

Ewart-Ohlson prides itself in its ability to use its skills and technology to work with its customers to solve unique manufacturing challenges. Recent projects have ranged in scope from producing the extreme thin-wall configuration of mortar tubes for the Mars Exploration Rover mission to qualifying the seven-ton landing gear cylinder forgings for the Airbus A380 super-jumbo airliner.

Our Company

The Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company was founded in 1942 to serve the needs of the rubber industry in Akron, Ohio. The company moved to its current location in Cuyahoga Falls, just north of Akron, in 1958. Ewart-Ohlson owes its longevity to its ability to adapt to the nation’s – and the world’s – ever-changing industrial climate. As the rubber industry matured and eventually began moving out of northeast Ohio, Ewart-Ohlson began working with the steel and automotive industries in the 1970’s, and then with the booming oil exploration industry in the 1980’s. By then, the company had also begun to explore the machining requirements of the aerospace industry and soon acquired the technology and skills necessary to serve that industry as it began a period of steady growth. Ewart-Ohlson now specializes as a source for performing qualifying and rough machining operations on forgings for the aircraft landing gear industry.

Today, Ewart-Ohlson operates out of a facility with 38,000 square feet of manufacturing and storage floor space. The plant is equipped with cranes and forklifts that can lift loads up to 20,000 pounds, enabling us to machine the massive forgings used for even the largest commercial and military aircraft. Our location offers easy access to both Akron and Cleveland, as well as convenient interstate highway access for customers across the continent.