CNC Turning

As is the case with its other equipment, Ewart-Ohlson’s CNC lathes have the capacity to machine some of the largest forgings produced for the modern commercial aircraft industry. The company's five CNC lathes can swing up parts up to 98.5” by 256” long. Full CNC control enables these machines to form complex contours to exacting tolerances.

For roughing work, where stock removal is the key to profitability, Ewart-Ohlson has two large manual lathes. One of them has a gap allowing it to swing parts with irregular shapes up to 132.

CNC Milling

The process of qualifying aircraft landing gear requires boring mills that can remove large amounts of stock rapidly and accurately. Ewart-Ohlson is equipped with seven 5” and 6” bar CNC horizontal boring mills for this purpose, with machining envelopes as large as 150” in X, 98” in Y, and 72” in Z. Two of these are five-axis machines, including 360,000 position tables. This gives Ewart-Ohlson the ability to perform highly accurate finishing operation as well as roughing operations where stock removal is paramount.

For smaller, lighter work, Ewart-Ohlson also owns two 4-axis horizontal machining centers, with machining envelopes up to 72” in X and 48” in Y and Z. These machines are ideal for rapid production of lighter weight parts.

Deep Hole Drilling

One of Ewart-Ohlson’s specialties is ID stock removal from large forgings. The company owns three deep hole drilling machines, including one that has been custom built to our requirements. These machines can drill up to eleven inches diameter for a depth of eleven feet in a single pass. In addition, these machines can be equipped with customized boring heads to produce complex finished forms. Ewart-Ohlson designs and manufactures its own boring heads and cartridges to meet customer requirements.